The #notokay was started by Kelly Oxford who asked women to share their first sexual assault experience after Donald Trump made outrageously crude remarks against women. Oxford started the ball rolling by stating that she was only 12 when a man grabbed her inappropriately on a bus. Soon after others joined in sharing their experiences. So many responses come pouring in. It will make your head spin. Many were very young, they were only children, when they experienced their first sexual assault. Many are at the hands of those they know. From family members, soccer coaches, family friends, and teachers all people that young girls should be able to trust.This sparked discussions about rape culture and how as a society we ignore those that need help. How can we live in society when we dismiss those who cry for help? Rape is rape. Sexual assault is sexual assault. No means no, no matter where you are during sex. There is no she was asking for it. There is no excuse. Not she dressed provocatively. She said yes in the beginning then said no. She was drunk. Yes means Yes. Women are not objects that can be “grabbed.”  

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