Mint: Your Money Management App

Have you ever looked at your bank account balance and find yourself perplexed by the low amount you see? Maybe you thought that your money management skills were better, but now you are left scratching your head. Scratch no more, because Mint is here to get you back on track! As a college senior  about to enter the scary real world, I realized it was time to manage my money better. Mint is a banking app developed by intuit, the people behind TurboTax and other helpful tools, that helps users visually see where there money is being spent and to give management tips.


Mint will help you pay your bills, show where you are spending your money, set spending limits, alert you about account activity, give you a credit score and more. Mint has a simple interface that creates an easy to use experience. Everything is mapped out in an accessible and straightforward layout. Looking at your budget, you can easily see where you have been overspending, close to overspending, and are below the budget. Like a stoplight, red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go. Having a visual will help many people see where they may have gone astray with their money.



Mint is a helpful start for those who need to manage their money,such as college students. It is common for college students to state that they are broke or poor. Now they can manage their savings before they hit rock bottom. The app does require you to enter your banking account information which may deter some users; however, mint will be a valuable tool to those who wish to begin better banking in an easy to use manner.



Mint is here to help! So go download that app and become a money managing master ( try saying that five times fast!….Go on…I can wait.) In the meantime, let mint assist you as you navigate your spending and saving.






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