welcome to camp no tech

Imagine a place that brings you back to your fondest childhood memories of summer camp where played all day, made new friends with ease, and fell asleep under a starry sky. Now what if I told you a place like this exists for adults with the only catch being you must give up technology. At Camp Grounded, an adult summer camp that helps to break tech addiction brings the fun of summer camp to tech obsessed adults. For three days, campers partake in classic camp activities like Color Wars, hiking, arts and crafts, swimming, archery and more without the distraction of technology.

In the article A Trip to Camp to Break a Tech Addiction, New York Times writer Matt Haber visits the no tech camp and shares his thoughts on the adult summer camp. Upon arrival to the camp, your smartphone, iPad, laptop, and any other technological device will be confiscated until camp ends three days later.


While the adjustment of ridding oneself of technology for a couple of days may seem impossible or nerve wracking, many overworked campers were happy with the outcome of going to camp.

“I felt like I needed something like this. I felt pulled in a lot of directions. My phone was always going off. I wanted an excuse to put it away and not respond to anybody. From the moment that we drove up there, as soon as we met the organizers, they completely made me feel we were at the right place. I didn’t expect there to be so much love and freedom and acceptance. It felt like a place where you could be yourself and be accepted for that.”- camper,Tatyana Plaksina, a social work

Camp creates a space where one can explore their hidden creativity, athleticism, and so much more in a non-threatening atmosphere. Living in a world where people are constantly looking down at their phones it is nice to look up every one in a while. It is time to take a break and to go back to your childhood roots of having a stress free summer vacation. If you find yourself dreaming of embracing your inner child again then check out these awesome adult summer camps that will pique anyone’s interest.

Come relax at camp

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